FreeAppADay for 05/05/10: reMovem

Wed, May 5, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

As reported by the folks at FreeAppADay, today’s free iPhone app is reMovem. For those who are familiar with Collapse, the gameplay here is similar, and sees you tapping on groups of two or more like colored orbs to remove them from the gameplay area.

In the game’s Basic mode, you’ll continue through this pattern of clicking on like groups of orbs until you run out of moves, with no additional orbs being added to the screen. If you manage to remove every orb, you’ll receive bonus points. For the Nonstop mode, you’ll follow the same basic gameplay principles, with the addition of new orbs that are added from the left side of the screen to fill in gaps. In Slide mode, you again take the Basic mode’s gameplay, but now add in orbs that slide into the space from the right to fill in gaps. The game’s Combo mode combines all three (as the name suggests), seeing you removing like colored orbs like in Basic mode, while orbs come in from both the right and left sides to fill in the gaps that you’ll create.

The game’s difficulty can be changed by adding more colors to the screen, with 4, 5 or 6 colors as options. The game contains a colorblind mode, and an autosave feature that saves the game automatically, should you be interrupted by a phone call. There’s even an undo button should you realize that you’ve destroyed all like-colored orbs but one and want to have a shot at removing them all from the screen (really only necessary in the game’s Basic mode).

reMovem will be free on iTunes today only, so make sure to download your copy of the game while it’s still free.

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