FreeAppADay for 04/30/10: Underworlds

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

As reported by, today’s free iPhone app is Underworlds, a role-playing game that contains different chapters with different sections of the story. In the first chapter, you are the guard of a local tavern who must leave the comfortable niche you’ve carved for yourself and defend the local townspeople after they fall under attack.

In the second chapter, you’ll be fighting to cure old town’s residents from a horrible plague, facing new and terrible enemies along the way. As you gain experience, you’ll earn new skills, and you can focus on specific areas of your choosing. You can become a stronger fighter by focusing all of your skills as such, or you can focus on dexterity, becoming more agile and accurate in your attacks.

Base skills like Shield Bash, Slash, Berserk make sure you’re always prepared to defend yourself, while you can also earn Health and Vitality boosts. There are four difficulty settings on which to test your battle skills, two different control schemes that allow you to customize your gameplay experience, and thousands of different armor and weapon pick-ups that you can keep or trade for gold.

Underworlds seems like a nice time-sink for any down-time you may have this weekend. That being the case, make sure to download the game while it’s free today.

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