FreeAppADay for 04/27/10: Super Turbo Action Pig

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

As reported by the folks at FreeAppADay, today’s free iPhone game is Super Turbo Action Pig. If the name alone isn’t enough to make you want to download the game, here’s a bit more about what to expect.

In the game, you play as said Super Turbo Action Pig, whose life is being threatened by the evil Butcher Bill. Butcher Bill wishes to turn our poor hero into some tasty sausages, and it’s up to you to survive as long as possible in Bill’s mine field in the sky (yes, the pig flies, but with the help of a jetpack).

The game is an endurance title meaning that as long as you keep Pig away from any of the sky mines, butcher knifes and saw blades, the game will continue, allowing you to rack up tons of points and post your scores on leaderboards while also earning achievements through OpenFeint integration.

As you can see in the trailer below, you pilot Pig from right to left, pressing on the lower corner of the screen to enable your thrusters and gain height to avoid lower mines and obstacles while letting go causes you to fall, avoiding higher ones. You can also play your own music as the game’s soundtrack and choose from multiple difficulty settings.

Make sure to pick up your copy of the game while it’s free today, and check out the trailer to see more of what’s in store for Super Turbo Action Pig.

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