FreeAppADay for 04/21/10: Ant Wars SE

Wed, Apr 21, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

As reported by, today’s free iPhone app is Ant Wars SE, a title in the same vein as Galcon, for those who are familiar with that popular iPhone title.

Ant Wars SE is a strategy title, placing you in charge of various anthills, and challenging you to take over enemy anthills by sending your swarms of worker ants into them to outnumber the enemy. Gameplay is incredibly simple and sees you tapping on your own anthills and then tapping on enemy locations. Your ants (there are three types) will move in a line to that new location in an attempt to take it over, while enemy ants will do the same to you.

The faster you take over all of the enemy’s hills, and the fewer ants you lose along the way, the higher of a score you will receive at the end of the level. In this Special Edition of the game, there are an additional nine special (and hard) levels to challenge. If you can complete the game’s 51 levels, or if you lose all of your ants, your game is over, but you can still send your high score online to see where you rank.

Make sure to download your copy of Ant Wars SE while it’s free today, or check out the gameplay video below for a better idea of what to expect:

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