FreeAppADay for 04/18/10: Mastermind

Sun, Apr 18, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

As reported by, today’s free iPhone app is Mastermind. Depending on your age, you may instantly recognize the gameplay formula here. A grouping of colored orbs will be hidden from your view, and you’ll have a set number of tries to determine the order and color of the hidden symbols.

As you guess, you’ll be told if you have an answer exactly correct, the right color but in the wrong position, or whether you’re completely wrong. Additionally, for users that are color blind, you can change the orbs to contain symbols rather than colors, which is a nice touch.

You can change the difficulty setting to add repeated colors and other challenging effects throughout the four difficulty levels that are available. Mastermind is fairly straightforward, making it a perfect option for pick-up-and-play mobile gaming. Make sure to download your copy of the game while it’s free today.

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