FreeAppADay for 03/30/10: Scribattle

Tue, Mar 30, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

As reported by the folks at FreeAppADay, today’s free app is Scribattle, from Rebisoft. Described by the developer as something along the lines of Space Invaders or Missile Command, Scribattle has the look of a pen and paper drawing that sees you controlling stick men at the bottom of the screen, as you try to defend yourself from wave after wave of creatures that are approaching from the top of the screen.

To fire at your enemies, you tap on a warrior of your choosing and gently flick in the direction you want him to shoot. The game’s multi-touch support allows you to fire with more than one stick man at a time, as you attempt to take out the game’s four different types of enemies. Gameplay is highly customizable, allowing you to choose from four different difficulty settings, and furthermore, change settings allowing you to play with or without shields on your men (shields are activated by holding your finger over your stick men), and with or without running into the Noodly Appendage, the game’s most challenging enemy.

There are 50 levels in Scribattle, but if you’d like to continue playing after clearing them all, you can recycle through the levels, that have now been made more difficult on your subsequent playthrough. Conversely, if you don’t make it through all 50, you can start a new game in the highest level that you have reached and continue from there.

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