FreeAppADay for 03/27/10: Battle Zone

Sat, Mar 27, 2010

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Happy Saturday everyone! It may be the weekend, but never fear, the free apps keep right on coming! As reported by FreeAppADay, today’s offering is Battle Zone, which is yet another game in the realm of the tower defense genre, that sees you defending your base from oncoming attackers. However, instead of coming down a linear or otherwise set path, the enemies here come from all directions, so there’s little in the way of predictability to help you out.

You can place up to ten different types of defensive units on the field, which can be upgraded and customized as they deal out damage and defeat enemies – to put it simply, as they level up, they’ll deal more damage and gain better abilities, thanks to the medals that you’ll equip to them. Medals are earned as you defeat enemies, and they give your defensive structures a wide range of abilities, including (but not limited to) stun, teleportation, money steal, life steal, critical hit, more exp, heavy damage, fast speed (increases your defensive units’ shooting speed), and more.

There are three different difficulty levels in the game, along with four different maps (desert, swamp, arctic, and shore), and an online leaderboard that will allow you to track your status among the best in the world. You can even interact with the game while its paused and build defense units without the fear of being overwhelmed in the process.

If Battle Zone sounds interesting to you, pick up your free copy today from iTunes.

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