FreeAppADay for 03/21/10: Chalkboard Stunts

Sun, Mar 21, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free app is Chalkboard Stunts, a game with a simple premise: drive your tiny car across a track made of chalk lines to the finish line. As the game’s title lets on, you’ll send your car over jumps and have a chance to change your vehicle’s rotation in the air with a single button (not only to do tricks, but to make sure it lands properly on the other side of the jump).

There are 25 stock tracks to try out, but due to the help of the in-game level editor, you can also download other tracks from the game’s server. Likewise, you can create your own tracks and upload them for the rest of the world to try out as well.

There are local and global leaderboards that keep track of your best scores on a level, a ratings system that lets you grade others’ online creations, and even iPod Playback support, allowing you to use your own music as the game’s soundtrack.

To pick up your free copy of Chalkboard Stunts, head over to Chalkboard Stunts

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    really fantastic free app is Chalkboard Stunts….huh…