FreeAppADay for 03/16/10: Castle Conflict

Tue, Mar 16, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

After taking a break for an exercise app yesterday, the FreeAppADay program returns to gaming by offering Castle Conflict, Broken Kings’ take on the traditional tower defense game, that asks you to not only defend your own castle from an onslaught of enemies, but in a real-time strategy twist, allows you to conquer your enemies’ towers in the process.

Your quest to conquer all who may resist you starts with simple ground soldiers who will die and fight for your cause. As you become stronger, more unit types will become available to you, until you have access to the more than 30 different unit types available. In addition to attackers and defenders, you’ll need to employ woodcutters, who will enter the forests surrounding your castle and chop down trees, which serve as a sort of universal “supply” in the game.

Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. Bombers can fly above the field and launch an attack from above, but an enemy zeppelin can quickly shoot it out of the sky. Cavalry units can swiftly attack enemy ground patrols, but they are weak against pike-men, and so on.

The game has 39 levels, with more being promised in the future, three different skins to customize your army, local multiplayer over WiFi and Bluetooth, multiple difficulty levels and even a quickplay mode.

Remember, Castle Conflict is only free for today, so if the gameplay sounds at all interesting to you, make sure to download your copy from Castle Conflict

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