FreeAppADay for 03/14/10: Dragon Slaughter III

Sun, Mar 14, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

In today’s free app, Dragon Slaughter III, an evil dragon is causing chaos in the world, and you, the Great Wizard, must defeat the dragon and seal it away to end the creature’s rampage.

This strategy title contains multiple attack combinations, based on the order of crystals (fire, water, poison, nature and light) that you place in each of the crystal towers – the only weapon that can be used to defeat your enemies. Depending on the stones you place in each tower (each tower can hold three), you can create attacks that do double damage, poison your enemies, and attack multiple enemies at once.

Dragon Slaughter III offers a lot of customization for both players that are new to strategy games, and those who are ready to jump in and dominate all. You can zoom in and out on the action, which takes place on ten different maps, choose from three difficulty levels, speed up the gameplay to 3x normal, and, for those who are beginners, keep track of possible moves via the in-game combination reference list.

As you play, you can try to climb up the worldwide leaderboards, and eventually test your skills in the game’s more difficult challenge mode.

To pick up your copy of Dragon Slaughter III while it’s still free, head over to Dragon Slaughter Episode III - Dragon King

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