FreeAppADay for 03/12/10: Flaboo!

Fri, Mar 12, 2010

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Happy Friday everyone! Ready to end your work week with another free app? Of course you are, so here it is! Flaboo!, from the folks at Fluttermind, is a cute little rhythm title that allows you to tilt, tap, and shake your iPhone in order to make the game’s main character, an adorable (no so) little thing called Fat Chick, bounce off of clouds, reaching higher and higher into the sky.

Gameplay sees you tapping on the screen when Fat Chick is about to hit a cloud, which will make him bounce off of it, and up to the next layer of clouds. Some clouds contain keys (that are collected when bounced on) that, once accumulated en masse, will place power-ups in clouds that you have yet to reach. Items like coffee and rocket ships will send you immediately higher, without bouncing, while items like balloons and (what appears to be) pumpkins will allow you to jump a bit higher than usual each time you bounce, all for a limited amount of time.

As you go, you’ll run into evil clouds that must be avoided, levels that become more complex with clouds that rotate in circles or move horizontally back and forth, and environmental challenges like darkness, which can be reversed by collecting a light bulb power-up.

Flaboo! supports OpenFeint achievements and global leaderboards. For more information about the game, check out the trailer below, or, head straight over to iTunes to add this free app to your collection. Flaboo!

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