FreeAppADay for 03/10/10: Sniper Strike

Wed, Mar 10, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Today’s free app is Sniper Strike, which is actually a fairly morbid game from the folks at Donoma Games. The game places you in one of six environments (the village and city maps are available from the start, while four others – forest, favela, winter, and war-torn city – are available as downloadable content), and primarily challenges you with picking out a target from a crowd and killing them.

You earn money for each target you eliminate, and can further hone your precision aiming skills in two gameplay modes aside from the standard arcade mode. Protect the Flag has you eliminating enemies from afar as they try to drag your flag off of the map, while Massacre allows you to kill literally everyone you see – no marked targets necessary.

There are five different sniper rifles available, which work best on different enemy types, and you can add mods and upgrades to your munitions for even more versatility. The game integrates OpenFeint, allowing for more than 20 achievements to be unlocked, in addition to a system of leaderboards.

To download Sniper Strike, take aim at Sniper Strike

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