FreeAppADay for 03/08/10: Robocalypse

Mon, Mar 8, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

To start the work week off right, how about downloading a free iPhone game that has been featured on five “awesome online-multiplayer games for iPhone?” Robocalypse is one such game, and, lucky you, it happens to be free today.

Robocalypse is a strategy title that sees you building and commanding large robot armies in the fight against the demolisher and his equally massive army of “maniacal mechanical marauders.”

In Robocalypse, the storyline and dialog are just as important as the gameplay itself, employing the talents of Jay Lender, for one, who is no stranger to comedy, having worked on Spongebob Squarepants. Aside from the humorous storyline, the gameplay lets you control 10 different types of robots and 20 different types of weapons.

The game contains 17 missions, online multiplayer for up to four people (either head-to-head or co-op) over 18 different maps, and multiple gameplay modes.

If you’d like to try Robocalypse for yourself, head over to Robocalypse - Mobile Mayhem

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