Free Restaurant City Fan Ingredient: Vanilla

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

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Getting back into the swing of things from the last holiday weekend, we’ve now seen two free ingredients being released by Playfish for use in Restaurant City in as many days. This second ingredient is one that has been available on the game’s free gifts menu for some time now – Vanilla.

The Vanilla ingredient can be used to help level up the “Eat Me” cake recipe that was released way back in the Alice in Wonderland theme a few weeks ago. Why does this matter? Remember that if you level up the Eat Me recipe to level 10, you’ll receive a free Cheshire Cat that will walk around your restaurant. Even though the recipe may be a bit older now, the prize is still available – just remember that in addition to the Vanilla, you’ll need an Apple, Sugar and Saffron ingredient to raise the dish a single level.

To receive your free Vanilla ingredient, click on this link. Be sure to do it quick – it will only be available until later this afternoon.

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