Free OpenFeint Standalone App Now Available

Mon, Jan 11, 2010

iPhone, Social

OpenFeint is a handy little social platform for iPhone games. Leaderboards, achievements, player profiles — these are all features that we, as gamers, are coming to expect as standard inclusions, and Aurora Feint’s software allows iPhone games to include them in a recurring, familiar format. Now, as reported by Pocket Gamer, users will no longer be restricted to using OpenFeint on a per-game basis: Aurora Feint has launched a free OpenFeint app, which players can use to track their achievements and scores across all of the OpenFeint-enabled games that they play.

“Think XBOX Live meets Facebook for the iPhone with hundreds of games and millions of players.” That is the description included on OpenFeint’s own website, and judging from the app, that is the overall aim of the platform. Players can now use the free app to manage a friends list, send messages to other players, issue challenges, and browse in-platform communities by game, location, or otherwise.

Another capable social network to heavily distract gamers. I’m beginning to understand the usage of “feint.”

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