Free Game of the Day, 8/23/12: Vote!!! The Game

Thu, Aug 23, 2012

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The funniest thing I noticed when playing Vote!!! The Game was not beating up Mitt Romney with a hot dog on a BBQ fork. Nor was it pummeling Barack Obama with a rubber chicken.

It was hearing the president exclaim “Yes … we … CAN!” as he parried one of Romney’s blows and whacked him across the jaw with a microphone. Developer Epic Games managed to turn Obama’s campaign slogan into what is essentially Street Fighter’s “Hadouken.”

From the makers of Infinity Blade comes Vote!!! The Game, which was released today free for iOS devices. Pick your candidate and fight your opponent in matches or “debates”. Blocks are called “damage control.” Attacks are “debates.” You can spin, pander, personally attack, issue rebuttals … pretty much everything you’d expect to see in an actual presidential debate. Or an officially approved televised message.

You can upgrade your candidate with a variety of ridiculous outfits. Make Barack Obama look like Apollo from Rocky. Give Mitt Romney a ninja outfit. And let’s not forget the weapons. Among others, you can wield:

  • A rubber chicken.
  • An Ameripop, which looks exactly like one of those American-flag popsicles.
  • A giant foam finger.
  • A campaign sign.
  • The Constitution itself.
  • And lastly, the ultimate in presidential power: a red-white-and-blue lightsaber with the Statue of Liberty’s torch as the hilt. Now that’s creative.

Battles take place in the Oval Office, the debate stage, and on the White House lawn. I found it amusing that the first time I played as Mitt Romney, the battle took place on the lawn, as if he was misbehaving dog prohibited from coming inside.

If this doesn’t get gamers interested in voting this November, I don’t know what will. The game is integrated with actual Rock the Vote resources and information for young voters. You can view links to Project Vote Smart, a non-partisan research organization that collects information about candidates and the Video Game Voters Network, an organization that advocates the free-speech nature of games and asks voters to pay attention to issues of media in politics.

There are 75 days remaining until the 2012 election. The ads will get more annoying, the candidates will say more stupid things, and things will generally get worse before they gets better (if they get better at all). Until that time comes, amuse yourself with this free game and vent your frustration at the candidate of your choice.

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