Free Game of the Day, 8/20/12: CamPAIN 2012

Mon, Aug 20, 2012

Free-to-Play, Mobile

Mobile game company Tylted’s new HTML5 game CamPAIN 2012 packs about as much punch as the very electoral race it parodies. While the 2012 race reaches unseen levels of absurdity as both parties rely on terms like “Romney Hood” and “Obamaloney”, it comes as certainly no surprise that a new mobile game has been released featuring a satirical boxing match between the two candidates. But if you were expecting it to deliver a nice interactive experience which gives you the chance to throw a satisfying right cross at your least favorite candidate (or, perhaps your favorite one, who knows?), you might be disappointed.

CamPAIN 2012 includes a blue-gloved donkey caricature of Barack Obama and a red-gloved elephant caricature of Mitt Romney. In this browser-based game, you choose your candidate and throw punches until the best politician wins. I won’t tell you what candidate I chose to be in my corner. Frisky Mongoose prides itself on being apolitical. I’ll just say I’m pretty certain he has a valid American birth certificate.

But there’s not much else going on this in this game. You punch right, you punch left, a health bar goes down and then you do it all over again. While it isn’t the most impressive interactive browser experience, developer Tylted doesn’t seem to want to focus on the game’s merits as much as it wants to focus on its platform. CamPAIN 2012 is an HTML5 game, a markup language that has yet to truly gain dominance in browsers and devices; a whole 15 years after HTML4 debuted.

The allure of HTML5 development is cross-platform functionality. Theoretically a developer could make one HMTL5 game and save for a few tiny tweaks, have it available on just about every device that supports the language. HTML5 development and web-based gaming represents a shift away from traditional platform-specific apps.

Tylted CEO Lon Otremba has high hopes: “HTML5 is going to be the dominant force in mobile over the next 12 to 24 months. The enormous incentive that developers have to generate one code base for any device is too great to ignore.”

In 12 to 24 months HTML5 could be the biggest thing in your world. We’re willing to bet that would be a far more interesting development than whoever claims the Oval Office.

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