Free Game of the Day, 8/10/12: The Walking Dead Social Game

Fri, Aug 10, 2012

Facebook, Free-to-Play

Everyone has those Facebook friends you don’t speak to very often. So imagine how hilarious it was when I logged into The Walking Dead: Social Game on Facebook and encountered a zombie-fied version of a friend I haven’t heard from in years… and promptly smashed in her head with a baseball bat.

My human survivor clubbed a zombie with a baseball bat and the game offered a popup: “You have just smashed Lisa’s brain in. Share it with your friends?”

No. No, I don’t think I’ll share that on my timeline. In fact, I think I may owe Lisa a sincere apology and a fruit basket or something.

But that’s the core of The Walking Dead: Social Game, which is in open beta right now. Somewhere along the way, Lisa got bit by a zombie and met her end — her second end, when you think about it — at the mercy of another player. It’s a social experience that offers about as much mercy as you’d expect from a real zombie apocalypse.

This new Facebook game based on the hit TV series The Walking Dead was developed by Eyes Wide Games and published by AMC and RockYou, a TriplePoint client. It offers an ongoing social zombie-killing experience that captures much of the magnetic drama of the TV series. The game also features a stat system based on familiar RPG attributes like stamina, accuracy, movement range and vision. You level up and earn points to customize your character’s stats and skills. So long as you steer clear of zombie bites, you’ll get to stay human and avoid getting your brains smashed in like my poor friend Lisa.

Play The Walking Dead: Social Game now on Facebook and be sure to catch the premiere of the show’s third season on Sunday, Oct. 14.

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