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Mon, Sep 6, 2010


While BlackBerry users have never had access to the greatest library of games, Mashable has done a lot of digging for us in finding some games that are not only free, but are actually worth playing. This list is perfect for all of those on a budget, who still expect some quality from their gaming experience. No games that have a quickly fading novelty factor – not even a throwback to the gaming days of old (Oregon Trail, I’m looking at you). These are the games that were built to last, and cost you nothing to own.


Ka-Glom pays tribute to games like Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, by offering puzzle gameplay that sees groups of two multi-colored Gloms (each individual orb is called a Glom) falling from the top fo the screen. You can rotate the Gloms into either horizontal or vertical orientations, and when matching colored Gloms touch each other at the bottom of the screen, they meld together. Make a group of four or more like-colored Gloms, and they explode (KA-GLOM!), which earns you points. Blocks are attached to some Gloms, and can only be removed from the screen by being destroyed in a nearby Ka-Glom explosion.

The game contains multiple gameplay modes, including Normal, Time Attack, and even Puzzle Mode. Here it is in action.

Number Cruncher

Number Cruncher, from the outset, looks like an odd combination of a sudoku board and one of those multiplication charts that you used in elementary school when calculators weren’t allowed. However, the gameplay is actually more like Rummy, in that you’ll be asked to create groupings of three or more numbers that have one of two relationships – three numbers that either run in a row (2,3,4 or 6,7,8, as examples), or groups of like-digits (4,4,4). Do this and you’ll earn points. Matched numbers disappear, and the board shifts and you move on.

Sudoku Lite

Speaking of Sudoku, Sudoku Lite comes with 10 puzzles and three difficulty levels on which to attempt each puzzle. Just like in the paper version of the game, Sudoku Lite supports note-taking, in that you’ll be able to place miniature numbers in each box, relative to the numbers that you’ve eliminated or are still working through for that particular box. There’s even an option to manually add puzzles to the game – say, you borrow a Sudoku book from a friend at lunch and want to jot a few into the app before giving it back – and solve them later.

3D PBA Bowling 2 – Lite

The game is a bit of a mouthful, but you’ll find that this game, branded by the Professional Bowling Association, is more than just a standard point and click bowling game. You can play either a single game or a full tournament, and you have the option of playing against a second player, or a handful of professional bowlers.  You can choose different weights of balls, and can then manually add spin to the ball before it travels down the lane (after you’ve judged the correct time to manually release it, that is).

Here is the game in action:


Pixelated is another puzzle game that challenges you with changing the color of the dozens of squares on the board into one solid color; that is, a screen that starts out full of multi-colored squares needs to be turned into one solid color. Your first move affects only the square in the upper left-corner. Choose that square and your final color, and it will change.

As you go, further blocks will change color depending on the number of surrounding blocks that that first block now matches. Under the game’s default settings (which can be changed), you must make the entire screen a solid color in less than 21 moves in order to win.

Blocked Traffic Free

Blocked Traffic Free resembles those real-world toys you might have played with as a child. You need to clear a path for a small red car, which is surrounded by other colored cars or varying shapes and sizes. The game board is a grid, and there is but one exit that the little red car must travel through the beat the puzzle.

You’ll need to slide the other cars into the empty spaces on the grid, in order to move the red car ever so slightly closer to the exit. This version of the game comes with 80 different puzzles, so you shouldn’t run out of cars to free anytime soon.

GT LinkFour, Blackkjack, Roulette, TexasHoldem, & Warship

This quartet of games comes to us from Gold Thumb, and allows you to be matched up against an opponent to play online versions of these four classics. GT LinkFour is Connect 4, while Warship is Battleship – the other two are self-explanatory.

Par 72 Golf Lite

A standard golfing app, Par 72 Golf Lite lets you choose from a variety of clubs, aim precisely at your target hole, and decide how hard to swing. The game is played through an in-game avatar, so you won’t have the feeling of actually hitting the ball yourself, but you can play through three different holes in this free version, testing out different clubs for different swings as you go along.

There you have it! 10 free apps that all BlackBerry users should own. Do you know of any apps that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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