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Wed, Aug 11, 2010

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Welcome to this installment of Eye Candy for the Casual Gamer, a feature here on Frisky Mongoose that shows off some of the latest and greatest trailers and screenshots from the casual gaming world. Today, we have a new trailer, and a new batch of screenshots to show you. First is the first trailer ever for Atari’s Freddi Fish on Nintendo DS, while the second is a look at Puzzle Bots, which will be showcased at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime) next month.

Here’s a First Look at Freddi Fish on DS

Atari has announced Freddi Fish: ABC Under the Sea for the Nintendo DS. The game is a children’s title, perfect for children ages three and up. The title is educational through and through, and provides an early learning experience for the new gamers in the family. Your kids will play the game as the anthropomorphic yellow fish named Freddi, who works as a detective of sorts, solving cases with his partner Luther.

The game contains more than 20 hours of gameplay for kids, and allows them to engage in activities requiring a variety of skills, including letter recognition, vocabulary, spelling, counting, directions, colors, and tracing. All of the above must be utilized to help Freddi solve his cases. The title also contains a variety of mini-games for children to take a break with.

Freddi Fish will swim his way onto retail stores on October 12 at a price of $19.99. Check out the first trailer for the game below, and head over to Atari’s website to learn more.

New Screens Released for Puzzle Bots

Wadjet Eye Games has released a new set of screenshots for Puzzle Bots, the PC title from indie designer Erin Robinson. The game follows an absent-minded inventor named Zander, who trips over a metal box buried outside the factory of “Dr. Hugo’s Factory for Making Robots.” He asks his colleagues for help in opening the box, but when they fail, their five tiny robots go to work at discovering what’s inside themselves.

Each robot has a different ability, which must be utilized in the game’s puzzle / point-and-click gameplay. The game is being advertised as a title that’s perfect for all members of the family, and it can be downloaded on the PC for $14.99 at the game’s official website.

Check out the new batch of screens below.

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