Fray for All!

Tue, Jun 19, 2012

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Take a quick peek back at this post where we informed you about the release date for Fray. Now check today’s date. Hey, how about that! Fray is out! You can get some simultaneous-turn-based-strategy-dystopian-soldier-combat going on Steam, right this very minute. And you really should, because it’s really great.

Take it from Brain Candy:

Players can finally enter the dystopian future of 2098 where Earth’s remaining resources are controlled by mega-corporations and a desperate humanity seeks refuge in virtual realms. In combat module Fray, players pledge allegiance to one of three mega-corporations and control a squad of four characters to face off against other corporations’ squads. Fights happen in turns and are comprised of a definition phase and a resolution phase. Players give each member of their squad orders during the definition phase: shoot, move, deploy equipment, use personal bonuses or powerful team bonuses and then watch the results of their actions during the resolution phase: seeing how opponents strike back and who best anticipated and trapped the other teams. In Fray, game over spells death in real life!

Here’s what that game over death looks like in cinematic form:

Fray. Get into it!

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