Foursquare Creates Real-Life Video Games

Thu, Mar 11, 2010

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Ypulse has an interesting editorial about the appeal of Foursquare to youth of the country, and how it’s creating fun out of otherwise boring every day information. Location-based services are becoming the next big thing, much like twitter was being hailed as in 2007. I remember around when I first signed up for twitter, there was plenty of new services that were very similar to twitter around. I don’t know how many are still around but it’s easy to see which one has remained dominant today.

The Ypulse article examines how Foursquare is fun because it allows users to become “mayors” of certain venues which can create competition among the players in your city. To become “mayor,” you must visit a venue at least twice and also have more visits than the current mayor. Many of the users take this territorial war seriously and have fierce competitions using Twitter or other social community services.

Along with being mayor, there are also plenty of badges or achievements to grab from within Foursquare. Another appeal is to easily find a new place to check out just by looking in the nearby area. With a brand new iPhone app design, it seems to be even easier to connect with the Foursquare world.

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