Foursqaure Banned in China For Tiananmen Square Check-Ins

Sun, Jun 6, 2010

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While China is definitely making strides economically, there are always a number of reminders that the large nation has a long way to go in terms of civil rights.

Location-based service Foursquare was recently banned in China because the people started to check-in to Tiananmen Square as a show of solidarity with the protests that took place there over two decades ago, MobileMarketingWatch reports.

The government has not confirmed that this has been the reason for Foursquare’s banning, though considering that the nation has banned Google, Facebook and others–it’s not the biggest surprise.

Without getting too political, you have to wonder at what point China’s increasing economic power and their oppression of their people will come to a head. How can you at one level depend so heavily on technology, but then take away valuable resources from your citizens?

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