Founders of MySpace Acquiring MindJolt

Fri, Mar 5, 2010

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The founders of MySpace have decided to return once again to the social market, but this time with a gaming twist. Chris DeWolfe, Colin Digiaro and Aber Whitcomb, along with Austin Ventures have acquired MindJolt, a social gaming powerhouse with over 20 million unique players on Facebook among other sites.

MindJolt is a platform that helps social game developers do two key things: reach wider audiences of potential players and better monetize their games. As of now, there are already 1,300 games on the MindJolt service from over 1,000 different developers.

Mindjolt’s service model focuses on what developers want need to sell their games. If that seems like the only obvious approach or “right thing” to do, you’ve obviously never been the underdog in a traditional publisher relationship. From indie developers to seasoned professionals, social game development has such low barrier to entry that almost anyone can do it. Call it naivety, greed, justified, or all of the above, but in the social gaming world, developers want ownership of what they create, and they demand more freedom to (theoretically) drive success for those creations.  Mindjolt has quickly risen to dominance in this industry because it cares enough about developers to see their perspective, walk in their shoes, work together and – to an extent – compromise.

Unless or until you have enough money to self-publish, freedom and ownership are subjective. At the core, Mindjolt is a sane alternative for taking social games out of development and into public, without selling out up front.

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