Folks are Very Grabby with Grabbity

Fri, Sep 28, 2012

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When a game is free, it’s tough to keep people away from it. Not that you’d want to keep people away from it, of course; I imagine that’s why you make it free in the first place. Nonetheless, there’s a game that folks decide to grab, and then there’s games people get especially grabby about, such as Grabbity, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times since it launched earlier this month. This news comes from TriplePoint client Televisa Home Entertainment, who are understandably thrilled about the milestone:

“The success we’re seeing for Grabbity is fantastic,” said Fernando Rondon, Televisa’s Director of Home Entertainment and Consumer Products. “We go into our development process with the intention of making a game that we would all personally enjoy, but it’s such a great feeling when you discover just how much everyone else likes it, too.”

Televisa is promising a big content update next week for the game’s one-month anniversary. So, when the time comes, you can go ahead and grab that, too.

Man, you’re grabby.

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