FishVille’s Atlantis Theme Now Offers Mystic Obelisk, Seer’s Orb & More

Tue, Jun 8, 2010

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Zynga simply isn’t giving up on their Atlantis theme of items in FishVille. Regardless of whether they simply like the theme, or they’re hoping to convince us that the lost continent actually exists, we as the game’s players win in the end, as we have some fairly neat new items to choose from.

There are four new items now available, bringing the theme to three pages in the game’s store. You’ll find that the quartet of new items is split in favor of those items that go for Sand Dollars rather than those that go for coins. For the premium items, there are the Mystic Obelisk, Seer’s Orb, and Divine Diadem, three items that start as rather plain, but glow blue like most of the other items released in this theme. The Obelisk will set you back 12 Sand Dollars, while the Diadem costs just 10. The Seer’s Orb costs more than the others, at 14 Sand Dollars.

Meanwhile, the final item of the quartet is the Theodolite, which is a surveying tool. It costs a whopping 150,000 coins, so I hope you’ve been saving your profits from selling fish, if you want to have a chance at purchasing it.

To purchase any of these four new items, or to browse through the rest of the selection of Atlantis items, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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