FishVille Launches Arena Tanks – Let the Battle Begin!

Fri, May 28, 2010

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If you haven’t logged into FishVille in a few days, the next time you do so, you’ll be notified of the launch of the Arena Tank in the game. We’ve been hearing repeated reminders from Zynga about the eventual launch of this feature in the game, and it’s now finally available.

The Arena Tank has automatically been added to your pop-up list of tanks in the game’s bottom right corner. Clicking on it takes you to the Arena proper, where you’ll learn a bit about what goes on inside.

You’ll start with two fish, and as this arena is made for combat, each fish will come with its own stats like Health points, IQ, Agility and Strength. These fish need to be raised just like any other, meaning that they must be fed, and as they grow, they become worth more experience points and coins if sold.

You’ll be able to increase an Arena Fish’s IQ, Agility and Strength using new power-up items, and each user has been given two of each to start, and additional units can be purchased in packs of five for 3 Sand Dollars each from the Arena Tank’s store.

Also available there are new Arena fish, and Arena decorations, which can increase a particular stat of your fish for a temporary amount of time (10 or 100 uses) – all but two of the Arena Fish (the two you start with for free), and all of the currently available Arena Decorations cost Sand Dollars to purchase.

When you want to actually start battling with your fish, simply click on one and click “Train.” This brings up a menu showing you your potential opponents and your fish knockout level, which is, as you might expect, raised as you win battles, allowing your fish to not only become stronger, but also for you to receive new items.

Battling itself is a numbers game – if your fish has more IQ, Agility and Strength than your opponent fish, you win, simple as that. To refill your fish’s health points to 100%, you’ll be able to use Medicine (drawn from the same stockpile of medicine you use to cure sick fish) to refill it. In most cases, you’ll need to fight the same fish more than once to actually knock it out, as each battle tends to drain only a portion of the health points.

As you go, the enemy fish will become stronger, and it’ll take more time to knock a single fish out, so don’t expect to fly through every enemy in sight in a single sitting.

While this is an entirely voluntary new feature in the game, it does offer a real way to extend the average play session’s length; that is, instead of just logging into to check on the health of your fish, which can take less than five minutes (depending on how many fish or tanks you own), you can now settle in for a longer session. Want to get started on training your own fish? Head over to your FishVille Arena Tank to get started!

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