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Mon, Aug 2, 2010

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Here are some tips and tricks to keep you from swimming with the fishes in Zynga’s FishVille on Facebook. Thanks to Gamezebo for providing some sweet strategies, and you can find more information in their full FishVille walkthrough.

If you have more tips, tricks, cheats or ways to beat your friends in FishVille, make yourself heard in the comments below!

Game Strategies/Tips and Considerations

  • You can feed your fish as many times as you wish in the game and doing so resets the hunger cycle before they are hungry again.
  • NOTE – Feeding will increase the amount of algae in your tank but this is a good thing since you earn 5 coins for each patch of algae you clean and you earn awards for cleaning algae as well.
  • Higher sale price equals longer grow times for your fish. If you can’t play the game very often it is well worth it to spend more on your fish.
  • If you have a lot of time to devote to the game and you want to level up fast you definitely want to focus your attention on the “Fast Fish” which grow to maturity within minutes.
  • Visit you Neighbors daily! You will earn 30 Coins and 13 XP for the first 10 Neighbors you visit and then 6 Coins and 2 XP per neighbor after that so it is well worth it to do your visits each day. You will be asked to help in some way and then you will clean your Neighbor’s tank for 5 coins per Algae patch. This really adds up for coins especially if you have a high number of Neighbors.
  • Most of the Fish Tanks in the game can not be unlocked unless you have a certain amount of Neighbors. If you have over 25 neighbors you will be all set when the unlocks become available to you for purchasing new or upgrading your current tanks.
  • The time before your fish will die (if you do not feed it) is double the growth rate of the fish. If a fish takes 4 hours to mature then you have 8 hours to feed it before it dies. Be sure to take note of this when purchasing fish.
  • Fish that die can now be revived for the cost of 1 Sand Dollar. This is really not cost effective unless you have some reason you want to revive the fish it is better to delete it and gain the 1 XP for doing so.
  • XP can be earned by buying fish, selling fish, cleaning up dead fish, cleaning outside of your tank, helping your neighbors and buying decor items from the Store.
  • Tip to level up quickly – If you wish to level up fast you will have to be ready to devote time and attention. The Mini Dart Goby has the largest XP per hour earned. (As of this writing this could change in the future with the addition of new fish to the game.) The Mini Dart Goby yields 78 XP per Hour. If you are willing to feed them every 10 minutes you will have to feed your fish 6 times an hour to earn 78 XP. The more hours you can devote to this the faster you will level up.
  • As you level up in the game other fish with high yielding XP/HR can be used. Examples of fish with high Yielding hourly XP would include the Percula Clownfish (21.9 XP/HR), and Blue Green Chromis (17 XP/HR)
  • If you can only play a few days a week this is a great game for you as there are several fish that only need to be fed every few days. Check the growth rates of your fish and double this number to see how often a fish needs to be fed. For example if you have chosen a fish that takes 1 day to fully mature, that fish will need to be fed minimally before 2 days or it will die.
  • Feeding fish has no effect on it’s Growth rate. Feeding the fish will set the time back to start on when they are hungry again but not on their growth.
  • Hungry fish have a fish food thought bubble. When you see this you need to feed your fish. If it has a yellow bubble it is becoming more urgent. Red means the fish is very hungry and flashing red means the fish is very close to dying.
  • Fish need to be fed at least 2 times when at the baby stage and then at least one time per level after that. Once your fish hits adulthood it must be fed at least once per day and the growth rate formula (twice the maturity rate) no longer applies.
  • February of 2010 two new fish foods have been introduced into the game. They can only be purchased with Sand Dollar Currency and you can get 5 uses from each purchase. Food Types include – Caffeine – Which increases the speed of your fish. SuperGrow – Increases the growing rate of fish.
  • As of January 2010 Hibernators have been introduced into the game. Everyone is given a free Hibernator to try that lasts for a limited amount of time. The hibernator is good for 5 or 10 days. It freezes the fish in time so you don’t have to feed them. This can be very useful if you can’t attend to your fish for an extended period of time. You are awarded 300-500 XP if you purchase one. (Hibernators can only be purchased using sand Dollars for 20 or 25 each.) It is not very cost effective so only purchase one if you are advanced in the game and have a large financial reserve.
  • NOTE – The hibernator only works in the tank it is in. It has no effect on your other tanks and you must buy one for each tank if you want the effect on all the fish you own.
  • Always send out Notifications when a milestone has been met in the game. (Level Up, Awards) This will give your neighbors bonus money and will encourage them to do the same for you.
  • When you start the game focus your money on raising fish first. Do not purchase lots of extravagant decor. If you want decor ask your friends to gift it to you. This will help you reach your goals much faster.
  • Selling the items you are gifted is another way to earn extra coins. Use these funds to invest in fish and buy decor later in the game once you have a large financial reserve set aside.
  • Set aside time each day to visit your Neighbors. If you can make this around the same time each day you are more likely to remember. Setting alarms is a good way to remember to feed fish or do daily visits.
  • If you have a lot of time to devote to the game stick with the fast fish and you will level up very fast. “Fast Fish” are marked with a sign under their image in the store area and only take minutes to reach full maturity.

Types of Fish for Purchase and Resale


  • NOTE - As each fish grows you will see either “Baby Fish,” “Junior Fish” or “Adult Fish” when you place your mouse over the fish. There are 3 phases of a Junior Fish and 1 Adult Phase which is phase 4. Even though you will see numbers 1-10 a fish can be sold at Junior level 1, Junior level 2, Junior Level 3, and Adult 4.
  • Fish can only be sold from Junior 1 to Adult 4 growth phases.
  • Each level is double the selling price from the previous level.
  • For Example – Shy Hamlet
    • Selling Price Junior Fish 1 - 89 Coins and 60 XP
    • Selling Price Junior Fish 2 - 178 Coins and 120 XP
    • Selling Price Junior Fish 3 - 267 Coins and 180 XP
    • Selling Price Adult Fish 4 – 356 Coins and 240 XP
  • Gamezebo has a handy-dandy chart that lists the purchase price, growth time, XP earned and more for each fish in FishVille.
  • Junior Fish 1 Selling Price and the Adult 4. To figure out Junior 2 selling price double Junior 1. To figure out Junior 3 selling price double Junior 2. To figure out Adult selling price take Junior 1 values and and multiply times 4.
  • NOTE – ** Blue Mandarin is a “Fan Fish” this means it can only be purchased by those that are fans of FishVille at Facebook.

Selling Fish

  • To sell a fish you simply click on the pointing tool and click on the fish you wish to sell.
  • NOTE – Be sure to note the age of your fish before you sell to make sure you are not selling too early.
  • Remember that fish can be sold at the end of their first growth cycle which is Junior Fish 1. They continue to grow until they reach Adult 4 and they are worth 4 times more than Junior Fish 1.

FishVille Bonuses

Daily Bonus

  • Once a day a bonus of coins is given to each player of FishVille.
  • There is a daily bonus icon in the middle left side of the screen when it becomes available.
  • Simply click on it and it will tell you how much you have been awarded.
  • NOTE – The more Neighbors you have the higher the amount of your daily bonus.

Giving Fish Love

  • Each day you can give your fish love by clicking on the hearts at the lower left corner of you screen.
  • Based on the number of fish in your tank you will earn varying amounts of coins.
  • Always try to keep a few fish in your tanks so you don’t lose your bonus.
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