FishVille Celebrates Atlantis With New Item Theme

Thu, May 27, 2010

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Atlantis – many people may say it doesn’t exist, but Zynga doesn’t appear to be one of them, as they have released a new item theme in their aquarium simulation FishVille that contains items inspired by the lost city.

As of right now, the game’s store only contains six items available to purchase in this theme, and the six are split evenly between those items that cost Sand Dollars, and those that go for coins.

The Sand Dollar items are the Atlantean Seahorse, Dolphin Princess Statue, and the Primal Runestone. These three go for 18, 25, and 6 Sand Dollars, respectively. The Seahorse is especially limited, and will only be available for around the next five days. Meanwhile, there’s an added incentive to picking up the Dolphin Princess Statue or the Primal Runestone, as you’ll receive hefty experience point bonuses when you do – 7,500 for the Princess and 1,800 for the Stone.

Meanwhile, the other three items range in price from 15,000 to 125,000 coins, with a new Energy Pinacle being the cheapest item and the Celestial Relic being the most expensive. That leaves the Neptune Grass in the middle-ground at a price of 25,000 coins.

Head over to the game’s free gifts page and you’ll see two other items that are available in the theme, in the form of two colored Temple Gems. In my case, I can send both a Purple or a Blue gem to my friends, in the hopes that they’ll send one back to me, and you can do the same.

As Zynga has taken a liking to releasing item themes in FishVille in multiple segments, it’s highly likely we’ll see more Atlantean items released in the game in the near future, but for now, head over to the game’s page on Facebook to purchase the ones currently available.

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