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Thu, Aug 5, 2010

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Since the release of Monkey Palace in Treasure Isle, a few other updates, both primate and not, have been released by Zynga. The updates comes in the form of new items available in the game’s shop, and in the release of the Fire Shovel, a handy new tool that will make digging a much quicker process.

Party With the Monkeys!

As anyone who has ventured into Monkey Palace can confirm, those furry little animals sure do love to party. What with the disco tiles on the floor, the flashing lights and the bouncers holding back those who would like to crash the party – it’s a regular Studio 54 in the middle of the tropics.

Now, you can add more than just a touch of this party-hopping atmosphere to your Home Island, as a whole slew of monkeys are now available to purchase via the game’s store, along with some equally hip decorative items.

The monkeys range from those who are simply lounging around or “Grooving” to those who are dressed up as some pop culture personalities – LL Drool J, for one, being a play on LL Cool J, the musician, while Garth Ooks is a play on Garth Brooks, the country singer. Other monkeys in the game represent Grandmaster Flash, Toby Keith, and even John Travolta during the days of Saturday Night Fever.

The monkeys range in price from 8 Island Cash for the Grooving or Swinging Monkey to 16 each for Chimmy and Glooey, two musician monkeys. A single coin option is available – the Sleepy Monkey for 5,400 coins.

In terms of other decorations, you can pick up white lamps, wine bottles chilling in tubs of ice, and even a Go-Go Cafe, complete with dancing monkey inside. Items are available for both coins and Island Cash, so be sure to head over to the game’s page to browse the available options while they are available.

Increase Your Digging Three-Fold With the Fire Shovel

For some time now, we’ve all be given the icon of a shovel that was on fire in the lower right hand corner of the gameplay area, but we were never able to do anything with it – that is, until now.

The fire shovel has officially launched in the game, and it allows you to dig three squares at a time. However, this isn’t an instant or permanent upgrade, as the Fire Shovel’s capabilities are limited. You’ll be able to buy “Energy” for the shovel from the game’s store at a rate of 12 Island Cash for 5 digs or 40 Island Cash for 20 digs, or you can travel through Fire God Mountain and receive energy from the Phoenix.

To see how the Fire Shovel works for yourself, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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