Fire God Mountain Has Been Unleashed in Treasure Isle

Thu, Jun 24, 2010

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As we’ve been told for a few weeks, Fire God Mountain has now been unleashed in Treasure Isle, but this isn’t just any ordinary map – as you’ll first need to prepare to enter the fire-filled underground before you can actually do so.

Fire God Mountain can be accessed via the first page of the Tiki Isles treasure maps. Clicking on it brings up the following window, letting you know that you’ll need to have 5 SPF-3000 tubes in order to access the volcano. Luckily, each and every user has been given 6 tubes for free.

The gameplay inside Fire God Mountain is fairly different from that above land. After first entering the mountain, you’ll be at a depth of 25 m. To move on, you’ll need to find the one treasure buried on the current level. While you can systematically start digging, the point here is to find the treasure in the least amount of squares possible.

For an example, on my first dig, I found a Fire Lotus in 14 squares. The rest of the squares that I had yet to search equated to bonus coins. A meter at the right side of the screen will keep track of how many squares it took you to find all of the available treasures, similar to the way a golf card keeps track of your swings.

As you go, you’ll be able to post your progress to your wall and share a prize with your friends. As for the rest of the area, it performs in mostly the same way as digging above ground. You’ll be told through word pop-ups that treasures are “nearby” or “really close,” you’ll find fruits and gems while digging, and you can even find SPF-3000 tubes.

As you dig deeper, you’ll also continue to come across the various colors of Gem Statues, requiring gems to unlock the other areas of each floor. In addition, we’ve been told that the Mysterious Egg that washed ashore on our Home Islands a few weeks ago can be further investigated by exploring the volcano, giving you more incentive to do so.

There is a replayability here, in that you can dig through each of the levels again in order to beat your friends’ scores for the amount of digs it took them to find treasure on each level of the volcano. Speaking of friends, you’ll need them to send you more bottles of SPF-3000 to continue exploring the volcano in the future (that is, if you’re opposed to spending Island Cash on it). This can be achieved by asking your friends to send you the cash, rather than it being available on the Free Gifts page (it isn’t).

The best way to learn about Fire God Mountain is to play it yourself – head over to the game’s page to do so.

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