Find the Missing Peacocks in SPP Ranch

Wed, Mar 31, 2010

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A colorful new grouping of peacocks was briefly seen in Slide’s SPP Ranch before the whole lot of them went missing. It’s up to you, the players of the animal care-taking simulation, to find the peacocks before it’s too late!

The peacocks serve as a large collection feature in the game, that, once completed, will unlock access to peacocks as purchasable animals in the game’s store.

There are five different peacocks to find. When you find the total number required of each type, you’ll receive a 500 coin bonus, and unlock access to that particular peacock in the store. If you can complete all five collections, you’ll receive a 2500 coin bonus.

You can find the peacocks in multiple ways, which require the help of your neighbors. You can find a peacock hiding behind a bush simply by playing the game and waiting for the appropriate pop-up to appear, but you’ll need the help of multiple friends to coax the bird from its hiding place, and can post your discovery to your wall as a news item for your friends to click on.

Also, you can simply send a peacock directly to your friends as a free gift via the game’s free gifts page.

It seems smart for Slide to release such a feature in the game, as it requires a lot of news posts, which, in theory, will help expose a larger audience to the title. Head over to the game’s page to start your own peacock collection.

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