Find Lucky’s Pot of Gold in Mafia Wars

Fri, Mar 19, 2010

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I hope you’ve been saving your Reward Points in Mafia Wars, as a new post-St. Patrick’s Day event has popped up that is offering players the chance to earn some “incredible prizes and a shot at the 100 RP Grand Prize!” (or so says the Mafia Wars fan page).

Head over to the Mafia Wars marketplace and you’ll be met with an introductory pop-up that lays down the ground rules to the Pot of Gold event. An Irish gang leader named Lucky has gone to prison, but not before hiding his treasures (known as the Pot of Gold). If you can purchase the seven secret (but required) items from the marketplace, you’ll have everything you need to take out Lucky’s henchmen and claim his spoils for yourself.

But which seven items do you purchase? While they may be a secret – that is, not listed for you outright – the Mafia Wars fan page also lets on as to how you can decipher which items to purchase and which to avoid, that is by following “the trail of clovers.”

Head into the marketplace, and take a look at the rotating item screens, and you’ll eventually spot an item with a decoration unlike the rest – a small clover placed in the top right corner of the item box (I have added a red square around it in the image below).

If you purchase the right items (those with such symbols), you’ll apparently receive a special discount. If you’d like to hunt for Lucky’s Pot of Gold, head over to the game’s marketplace and get started.

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