Finally, a Virtual Pets Game for Shark Lovers: 101 Shark Pets

Sat, Jul 3, 2010

Casual, Handheld

Virtual pets has so far been a genre marketed for and dominated by cuteness. We’ve seen kittens, puppies, fish, seals, and yes, even human babies enter the playing field as virtual pets on almost every gaming platform. So where’s the love for players who want their pets to have a little more bite than bark?

Developer Teyon has heard the silent call for a less cuddly virtual pets game and is bringing 101 Shark Pets to DSiWare on July 5th. The game advertises “over 100 sharks to adopt, love and play with”, and although preaching the joys of loving and playing with sharks seems a little risky (you know, due to their very sharp teeth), who are we to judge? 101 Shark Pets will allow players to adopt baby sharks, accessorize and upgrade them, enter them in Beauty Show Competitions, customize pet stats and play 7 mini-games with each pet.

Sound like your cup of tea? On Monday you’ll be able to download the full game on the DSi Shop for only 500 DSi Points. Is the world ready for a virtual pets game with sharks? I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure: on July 5th we’re definitely going to need a bigger boat.

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  • Ajgraves

    the game is awesome

  • Deborha

    how do you play the game???? cuz i really really like sharks!!!!!! can some one help me!!!!!!!!!

  • KTSY

    That looks sooooooooooo COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!