Fill Up Some Space in Tiki Farm With These New Crates

Tue, Mar 9, 2010

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Playdom’s Tiki Farm now has its own version of the FarmVille hay bale.

There are ten new colors of crates that are available to purchase for your tropical farm for 50 shells each (shells being the equivalent to coins), so long as you are above level 4. The crates are available from the decorations area of the game’s shop, and come in the following colors: Blue, green, pink, red, black, orange, purple, yellow, brown, and white.

While they may only seem like space fillers or cheap dividers to most people, also keep in mind that you can make detailed patterns and designs out of these items by treating each crate as a single pixel when looking at your farm from afar.

To pick up one or two (or ten) of these new crates, jump into your Tiki Farm and start shopping.

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