Feed Your Customers Dinosaur Meat in Cafe World

Thu, Feb 25, 2010

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To go along with the new dinosaur / Jurassic themed merchandise now available in the Café World store, Zynga has launched two new recipes that will help further convince your restaurant’s patrons that they’ve stepped back in time.

The Dino Drumstick is a lower level item, unlocked when reaching level 10. The dish costs 800 coins to cook, and will be ready to serve in 13 hours. Its 500 servings can be sold for 6 coins each, or 3000 in total. Take away the 800 it costs to cook the drumstick, and you’re left with 2200 coins in profit for each drumstick that you cook.

The second recipe, the Rackasaurus Ribs is a slightly higher level item, only available to users above level 22. The ribs cost 600 coins to cook, and are ready to serve after cooking for 10 hours. The dish comes with 650 servings that go for 4 coins each, giving you 2600 coins when all have been spoken for. Remove the cooking cost, and you’re left with 2000 profit for each set of ribs that you cook.

If you’re the type that cooks food only once a day, the Dino Drumsticks are obviously the way to go, but if you have the time to check your café more frequently, the ribs’ shorter cooking time actually makes them a more profitable dish in the long-run.

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