Fat Princess DLC Brings Ninjas Versus Pirates Versus Giants

Fri, Jun 18, 2010

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Titan Studios’ multiplayer capture-the-princess mayhem game Fat Princess, available for both the PSP and PS3, is getting new DLC sometime later this month. According to Kotaku the new content, called “Fat Roles”, will introduce a new hat machine, and the hats will allow players to choose from three new classes: Ninja, Pirate, and Giant.

The Ninja, identifiable by his cute little mask and sharp katana, throws shurikens as his ranged attack. His special ability allows him to turn invisible and waltz into the other team’s defenses undetected. The Pirate is more heavily melee, sporting an eye patch, cutlass, and pistol. His ability fires a cannon strike. The Giant is exactly that. He towers over the other players and uses his fists as weapons, but he’s got one weakness: he can’t regenerate health by sitting still. Instead, he’ll have to eat other players to repopulate his hearts.

Sometime soon we should also be seeing the addition of local multiplayer, allowing you and up to three of your friends to play on the same screen. There’s no release date for the “Fat Roles” DLC yet but keep your eyes peeled for this action packed addition.

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