FarmVille’s Swiss Theme Continues to Expand With New Items

Wed, Jul 7, 2010

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With between two and three weeks left in the Swiss theme in FarmVille, Zynga has released a new set of items to the game’s store, with new items being found on the Seeds, Animals, Buildings and Decorations tabs.

For the new Seed, you can now grow Alpine Roses, a pretty pink flower, for 145 coins per square. They grow for 10 hours, at which point you can harvest them for 250 coins per square. You’ll gain a single experience point from planting each square of the flowers. Make special note of the seed’s expiration date as well – from the time of this writing, you have but six days to grow the flowers. With the Seed being “un-masterable,” however, there really isn’t a rush there.

Moving onto the Animals tab, you can now purchase a Hampshire Lamb for 12 Farm Cash. It can be harvested from every three days, and should you change your mind about purchasing it, you’ll receive only 90 coins in return.

On the Buildings tab, there are two new options: the Swiss Cottage and the Swiss Cabin, one of each available for Farm Cash or for coins. The Swiss Cottage is the premium item, setting you back 32 Farm Cash. The Swiss Cabin, then, is available for 250,000 coins. You’ll gain a whopping 2,500 experience points from the purchase, so it might be worth it, even if you don’t plan on keeping the Cabin, just for the instant boost in experience.

Finally, on the Decorations tab, you’ll see six new items, three of which are premium. The Swiss Alps will set you back 42 Farm Cash, while a Miss Swiss Gnome and Mr. Swiss Gnome will cost you 18 Farm Cash each. For the standard coin items, an Evergreen Tree II costs 40,000 coins, while Rocks with Lichen cost 25,000. Lastly, a Firewood Basket costs 5,000 coins.

Most of these new items (the Alpine Roses excluded) will be available in the game’s store for the next three weeks. We’ll let you know when and if the Swiss theme continues to expand in FarmVille, but for now, head over to the game’s page to browse through the current selections.

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