FarmVille’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Adds New Crops and More

Thu, Mar 11, 2010

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It took a few days more than I expected, but Zynga has finally added new St. Patrick’s Day items to FarmVille, in addition to the Pot of Gold you’ve (hopefully) been filling for a few days now.

The item collection, at the time of this writing, is a small one, containing just three crops, an animal, and a themed mystery box. However, the crops are quite pretty, so they’ll do for now.

For the next six days, users will have the chance to grow Shamrock, Green Hellebores (a type of flower), and Green Roses (unlocked at level 30).

Shamrock grows in 4 hours, and has a fairly cheap price tag associated with its short growing time, being available for 28 coins a square. With a 68 coin return, minus the 15 coin plowing fee, you’re looking at a 25 coin profit on every square planted. If you somehow managed to plant the crop continuously, 24 hours a day, that’s 150 coins of profit, per square, per 24 hour period.

Next up are the Green Hellebores, which take 16 hours to grow, and are planted at a cost of 75 coins per square. The flowers are sold for 174 coins, leaving you with a profit (after the plowing fee) of 84 coins per square.

The last of the crops comes in the form of Green Roses, which are available for 155 coins per square, and can be sold 343 coins after growing for one day. That’s a profit of (after the plowing costs) 173 coins per square, making this a unique situation where choosing the longest growth time actually results in the most profit per 24 hour period (barring an exception with the Green Hellebores that sees you harvesting the crop twice in the same day, which would take more planning than most farmers would be willing to put forth).

As for the new animal that’s available, you can now pick up a Kelly Green Cow from the animals tab of the marketplace. It too will only be available for the next six days, and you’ll have to shell out 14 Farm Cash to add her to your livestock collection. You can send one to a friend, if you’re feeling generous, or hold onto her and add it to your list of animals that can be harvested everyday.

Lastly, a new Mystery Box, in the shape of a shamrock, is now available for 16 Farm Cash. The Mystery Box will expire in 5 days, but, in the meantime, can be purchased either for yourself or as a gift for 16 Farm Cash. If you decide to purchase one, let us know what you received in the comments.

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