FarmVille’s Marketplace is Now Filled with Far East Items

Thu, Apr 15, 2010

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The Far East item theme in FarmVille continues to grow with the release of new items on the Crops, Trees, Animals, Buildings, and Decorations tabs of the marketplace.

First, a new crop is available to grow in addition to the Lotus and White Lentil crops that were released previously. Saffron is unlocked to users level 32 and above, and it can be bought for 190 coins per seed. You’ll gain one experience point for every square you plant, and after 10 hours, you can harvest the Saffron for 333 coins per square.

Next, the Trees tab of the marketplace now offers a Coconut Tree. It can be purchased for 3 Farm Cash, and it can be harvested at a rate of every three days.

Over on the Animals tab of the shop, you can now purchase a Monal Bird for 16 Farm Cash. It can be harvested every two days, and can be purchased either for use on your own farm or to send to a friend.

Moving on, the Buildings tab now offers a Lotus Building, which is available to purchase for use on your own farm, or as a gift for friends for 54 Farm Cash. You’ll receive 1,280 experience points when you make a purchase.

Finally, under Decorations, you can find three new items in the form of both a small and large Pile of Coconuts, and a Bougainvillea Pot. The small pile of coconuts is available to purchase for 900 coins, while the larger pile is a single Farm Cash. Lastly, the Bougainvillea Pot can be purchased for 2,200 coins.

The theme’s timer continues to count down, and we’re at 19 days left to purchase any of these items (either the new releases or the old). That being the case, make sure you start planning ahead to which items you’d like to eventually purchase so that you don’t miss out.

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