FarmVille’s Japanese Theme Has Grown By Ten More Items

Tue, Jun 29, 2010

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The Japanese item collection continues in FarmVille this week, with the release of new items on the Seeds, Animals, Buildings and Decorations tabs of the marketplace. Let’s start our look at these new items by taking a look at the new crop.

The Daikon is a fairly quickly growing crop, reaching maturity in just 8 hours. It can be planted for4 65 coins per square, and is harvested for 133 coins per square. You’ll gain a single experience point for planting each square of the crop.

Next, on the Animals tab, you’ll find an Egret, a bird that can be purchased for 15 Farm Cash. The Egret can be harvested from every 2 days, and should you change your mind about owning it, can be sold for 92 coins.

Over on the Buildings tab of the store, you’ll find two new options, a Japanese Home and a Paper Wall Home. The Japanese Home is the more expensive of the two items, at 42 Farm Cash, while the Paper Wall Home costs much less, at 27 Farm Cash.

Finally, moving over to the Decorations tab of the marketplace, we find six items available for your browsing pleasure, three of which go for Farm Cash, and three for coins. The three premium items are the High Bridge Pond for 42 Farm Cash, the Momiji Tree for 4 Farm Cash, and the Moss Rock for 2 Farm Cash.

Meanwhile, the other three items go for coins, with the Tiny Dragon statues going for 45,000 coins, a Sand & Stone garden going for 18,000 coins, and a Yellow Knoll being priced at 4,500 coins.

These items will only be available in the game’s store for around 10 more days, so while you’re not incredibly rushed to make a purchase, you can obviously feel free to purchase whatever items you like just to make sure that they don’t sell out before you remember to do so.

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