FarmVille Weekend Wrap-Up: New Podcast Hints at Garage for Vehicles, FarmVille Sheep Reaches 2 Million Fans

Mon, Jul 12, 2010

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While FarmVille normally doesn’t update over the weekend, we do have a couple of interesting news items to share with you this Monday, including the release of a new FarmVille podcast, and some exciting progress on the FarmVille Sheep fan page.

FarmVille Podcast Hints at Black Stallion; Garage Features

As usual, FarmVille community manager Lexilicious was on-hand to give us a sneak-peak of new features and items that will be coming soon to the game.

First,more puppies will be coming to the game. They have proven to be quite popular with users, and Zynga will support that popularity with new breeds in the future.

Next, in terms of the FarmVille podcast itself, it can now be streamed directly from iTunes, instead of being reserved solely to YouTube. In addition, the FarmVille team is working on the ability for users to be able to download the podcast to a handheld device so that it can be listened to on the go.

For upcoming item releases, we have been told that the hotly anticipated Black Stallion will be coming to the game sometime this week as a new Mystery Animal.

A new “Mystery” mini-game will be launched in the game in the future. As incentive to play it, the game will reward users with new limited edition items.

More Swiss items, like an Ibex, Matterhorn and a new gnome will be released over the next few weeks to the game’s store, along with new tractors, seeders and harvesters. These new vehicles (and pre-released vehicles) will be able to be stored in a new Garage, with the building also allowing you to make special upgrades to those vehicles.

Also on the topic of farm vehicles, new 3×3 square editions of the Tractor, Seeder, and Harvester will be coming to the game in the form of Co-Op job rewards in the future.

To listen to the full podcast, which contains user-submitted questions and a recap of last week’s releases, check it out in full below.

FarmVille Sheep Fan Page Reaches 2 Million Fans

Back in April, FarmVille launched two fan pages on Facebook – one for FarmVille Cows, and one for FarmVille Sheep. It was a grand battle between two of the game’s oldest animals, and as we can recall, Cows came out the victor, as the first one to reach a total of 2 million fans.

We were told when the competition “ended” that if the FarmVille Sheep page ever reached 2 million players, all users would receive access to purchase the special Fan Sheep in the game. It took a long time (from April until last weekend) for the FarmVille Sheep page to reach that total, but reach it it has – even with room to spare, as the fan page currently sits at 24,000 users above the 2 million needed.

What does this mean for players of the game? Well, in the near future, we’ll be seeing the release of the Fan Sheep in the game! Remember, we were told its potential pricing back when the feature first launched – at the 2 million fan level, the Sheep will be launched at a price of 12 Farm Cash. If the page manages to get up to 3 million fans, the price drops to 50,000 coins.

When the Sheep will officially launch in the game is anyone’s guess, but for now, head over to the FarmVille Sheep page on Facebook to “like” the animal and help us all reach the 3 million fan mark – your in-game wallets will thank you if you do.

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