FarmVille Updates: Swiss Theme Extended, New Rye Crop

Fri, Jul 16, 2010

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Due to popular demand, Zynga has decided to extend the Swiss Alps theme in FarmVille, giving us even more limited edition items to use to decorate our farm. In addition to this, we see a new permanent crop being added to the store, which will come in very handy if you want to grow a particular seed in the Swiss theme.

Could These Really Be the Last Swiss Items?

There are new items available on the Seeds, Animals, Buildings and Decorations tabs of the marketplace. For the new Seeds, you can now grow either Triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye) or Edelweiss, a flower. However, the Triticale is one of the few crops in the game that require you to have mastered another crop in the game, before you can grow it. In this case, the new crop is the Rye plant, which, coincidentally enough, also happens to be new (we’ll get to its stats in a moment). You will also have to be level 23 to unlock Triticale.

The Edelweiss, on the other hand, is a generic crop, available to plant for 400 coins per square. It can be harvested after a full day for 600 coins per square. You’ll gain 2 experience points for each square of the crop that you plant.

Over on the Animals tab, you can now pick up a Marmot for 12 Farm Cash. The Marmot is available to purchase for 12 Farm Cash, and as a premium item, you can choose to keep the animal for use on your own farm, or you can send it to a friend as a gift.

If you’d rather purchase some buildings instead of animals, you can now pick up a Hotel Switzerland, a Swiss Clock Shop or a Swiss Tower. Unlike previous Swiss item releases, none of these items are available for coins, so you’ll be forced to spend either 60, 42, or 34 Farm Cash, respectively, to pick them up.

Finnally, on the Decorations tab, you can pick up four new items: the Swiss Cable Car, the Floral Pool, the Floral Sculpture, and the Swiss Hay Bale. Here, two of the items, the Swiss Cable Car and the Floral Pool, cost Farm Cash, at 36 and 12 Farm Cash, respectively. Meanwhile, the Floral Sculpture costs 40,000 coins, and the Swiss Hay Bale costs 2,000 coins.

All of these items will be available for the next 14 days.

New Permanent Crop: Rye

As we said above, Rye is a very important new crop in the game, as mastering it will allow you to grow the Swiss Triticale crop.

The Rye is available to users who are at least level 21. It can be planted for 140 coins per square, and you’ll earn 2 experience points for each square of the crop that you plant. After growing the crop for 20 hours, you’ll be able to sell the Rye for 290 coins per square.

The first star of Rye mastery is available at 900 harvests. The second star can be earned at 1,800 harvests, while the third and final star can be earned after 2,700 harvests.

All of these items are now available in the game’s store – to get your hands on any of them, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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