FarmVille Updates: New Mystery Game, New England Seeds, Animals, Buildings and Decorations

Fri, Jul 23, 2010

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Zynga has updated FarmVille yet again this week, with a new Mystery Game and new limited edition items in the game’s newest theme – New England. Let’s take a deeper look at these updates.

FarmVille Mystery Game Updates With New Items

A second round of the Mystery Game is now available to play in FarmVille. Just as it was the first go-around, the Mystery Game is a balloon popping game that can be played for 16 Farm Cash.

As Zynga likes to say – if you throw a dart and hit a balloon, you win a prize. This time around, the game contains new prizes, like a Female Ostrich, among other rare animals and items.

Here’s a look at the game, which can be played by heading over to the Decorations tab of the game’s marketplace.

New England Theme Expanded With Crops, Animals, and More

If you’ve been looking forward to new items being released in the New England theme, wait no longer, as the game was updated last night with the addition of new Seeds, Animals, Buildings and Decorations, all in this new limited edition theme.

The seed is the Daylilies, and it is available to plant for 150 coins a square. The flowers grow for 16 hours, and you’ll be able to harvest them for 300 coins per square. You’ll gain 2 experience points in the process of growing the flowers.

Next, over on the Animals page, we find two offerings, a Black Bear Cub and a Gray Fox Kit, priced at 22 and 20 Farm Cash, respectively. As premium items, you can keep them for use on your own farm, or you can send them to your friends as a gift. Either way, the Bear Cub can be harvested every two days, while the Fox Kit can be harvested from every three days.

Moving onto the Buildings section, we see three new buildings, one of which is available for coins. The New England Inn and Delicate Cottage go for 42 and 38 Farm Cash, respectively, while the Lighthouse is available to purchase for 150,000 coins. You’ll gain 1,500 experience points for making the splurge on the Lighthouse, should that factor into your decision.

Finally, the Decorations tab has five new items, with only one, the New Carousel, being a premium item, priced at 38 Farm Cash. The other four items are the Heirloom Cart, Bird Cottage, Stone Wall, and N. Tisbury Azalea (a bush). Prices range from 6,000 coins for the flower bush to 25,000 coins for the flower cart.

All of these items will be available in the game for the next 12 days, giving you just enough time to save up those coins needed to add these items to your collection. Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to start shopping.

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