FarmVille Updates: New England Theme Arrives, New Free Gifts, Crafting Buildings Being Rolled Out

Wed, Jul 21, 2010

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FarmVille received a few updates while we all slept. They come in the form of the introduction of a brand new limited edition item theme, the release of a new free gift on the game’s free gifts page, and the introduction of Crafting Buildings to some users.

Travel to New England With New Limited Edition Theme

That’s right, the newest limited edition item theme is another based on geography, taking us to New England, in the northeast portion of the United States. As of right now, the theme is limited to buildings and decorations. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

On the Buildings tab, you’ll find a Coastal Home and a Coastal Gazebo. Both are Farm Cash items, with the Coastal Home costing 36 Farm Cash, and the Gazebo costing 20. As Farm Cash items, both can either be kept for use on your own farm, or sent to a friend as a gift.

On the decorations page, you’ll find the first three items in the theme. The Marsh Pond costs 30 Farm Cash, while the White Lawn Chairs (complete with matching table) and Rose Fence cost 20,000 and 10,000 coins each, respectively.

For now, these items are listed as being available for the next 14 days, and we’ll be sure to let you know if and when the theme expands with more items.

New Free Gift: Picket Fence II

To match your New England items, specifically the Rose Fence, you can now send and receive a Picket Fence II item from the game’s free gifts page. This is different from the original Picket Fence free gift in that here, the fence has much more of a curve than the other.

We’re guessing that this would look lovely as the main piece of New England fencing, with some of the Rose Fence scattered in between.

Crafting Buildings Are Being Rolled Out

For a few months, we’ve been told that (formerly Crafting Cottages) Crafting Buildings would be coming to FarmVille, and now it seems as though they are indeed on their way here. If you’re a lucky farmer, you may already have access to the Winery, Spa, and Bakery, but if not, rest assured that they will be unlocked for all users over the next few days.

What we can tell you is that the game’s marketplace has been updated to add a “Crafting” section to the Buildings heading of the marketplace. If you don’t have the Crafting Buildings, all you’ll find there are Market Stalls. Speaking of, the Market Stalls have also been updated, creating a trio of buttons – Stall, Use, and Buy. You’ll be able to use the Buy button to shop for goods for crafting, and for bushels from your friends, while the Use tab will allow you to enter into the process of crafting goods themselves.

None of us on the Frisky Mongoose crew have been lucky enough to receive the Crafting Buildings thus far, but we’ll be sure to return with a detailed guide as to what you can expect from the feature when we have access to it. For now, head over to the game’s page to take a look at the game’s newest item theme.

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