FarmVille Updates: New England Items, New Mystery Game, Free Fuel, One-Click Animal Buildings

Wed, Jul 28, 2010

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FarmVille has been hit with quite a few updates already this week, including the launch of a new Mystery Game, complete with new prizes, new limited edition items from the New England theme, 0ne-click animal buildings, and a tweak concerning the Daily Fuel Boost email promotion.

New Mystery Game Offers New Prizes

First things first, a new Mystery Game has launched in the FarmVille marketplace. Each play of the game is priced at 16 Farm Cash, but you have a much better chance of getting a limited edition item from this game (particularly the item you want) than you ever did with a Mystery Box.

That being said, the items available via this round of the game are the Angora Goat, Beach Cottage, Hooded Merganser (a duck), the Mill, New Carriage and Ornate Cottage. This round of the Mystery Game will only be around for 6 days, so be sure to give the game a chance if any of the above items sound interesting to you.

New Limited Edition Items Continue in New England Theme

There are new “New England” themed items in the game’s store today, including items on the Seeds, Animals, Buildings and Decorations tab.

The new seed is the Red Clover, available to grow at level 8. It costs 50 coins per square to plant, and grows for 6 hours, at which time you can harvest the plant for 100 coins per square. The crop will be available to grow for the next eight days.

Meanwhile, on the Animals tab of the marketplace, you’ll find a new Morgan Horse for 24 Farm Cash. It can be harvested from every two days.

On the Buildings tab, you’ll find three new items: a Vacation Estate, New England Barn, and New England Shed. All three are Farm Cash only items, prices at 50, 30, and 24 Farm Cash, respectively. While the Estate is a purely decorative building, the Barn and Shed are functional storage items, with the Barn having a starting item capacity of 22 items, while the Shed can hold 15 to start.

Finally, the Decorations tab offers three new items as well. First is the Covered Bridge, available for the wallet busting price of 400,000 coins. You’ll gain 4,000 experience points if you decide to make the splurge. Meanwhile, a White Pine Tree can be purchased for 4 Farm Cash, and a Cliff can be yours for 70,000 coins.

All of these items have a time limit of eight days, so be sure to pick them up before they’re gone for good.

Harvest Animal Buildings in One Click!

Back in April, Zynga launched the ability for farmers to harvest from ready, loose animals (that is, those outside of animal storage buildings) with a single click. This saves users plenty of time, as you then didn’t have to click on each animal, wait for a menu to pop up, and then click on the harvest button. Animal storage buildings had never been given the same convenient upgrade, that is, until now.

That’s right – Zynga has now given the same upgrade of free animals to the animal storage buildings, meaning that the next time they’re ready to collect from, you’ll need to do nothing more than simply click once on the building to start the automatic collection process. If you’d like the menu you originally saw when clicking on buildings (the menu that allowed you to Look Inside or Move the building), that will still appear, but only after the building has been harvested from.

It may only save one click per building, but if you have a larger farm, with multiple Dairy Farms, as an example, this could actually turn out to be a huge time-saver.

Daily Email Fuel Promotion is Here to Stay

If you’ve already run through your two weeks of free fuel from the last Daily Email Free Fuel promotion (which gave users either a Large or Small can of fuel once daily via an email link), then you’ll be happy to know that the “Daily Fuel Boost” email promotion is now a regular feature in the game.

Along with the release of Crafting Buildings (the main purpose of which – as of now – is to allow users to earn fuel), this should help those farmers with massive plots from running out of fuel so quickly.

To see these updates live in the game, make sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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