FarmVille Updates: Crafting Building Upgrades, New Lost Animal, Crafting Achievements, New Crops

Fri, Jul 30, 2010

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To end out another week, Zynga has updated FarmVille quite a bit. First, we see a few tweaks being added to the Farmers Market (both in the Crafting Building and Bushels sections), and there’s also a new lost animal to adopt in the game. In addition, you can earn Ribbons by Crafting goods, and you can grow two new crops.

Farmer’s Market Upgrades: Purchase Crafting Ingredients, Hold More Bushels

Zynga has launched a couple of small, but nonetheless important upgrades to the Farmer’s Market. The first comes in the form of the ability to now purchase needed Bushels to create Goods with Farm Cash. That is, in the case of the Floral Perfume (a Spa good), as an example, it can be created using 4 Blueberry and 4 Morning Glory bushels. While you may be able to earn these Bushels from your friends’ profiles, what if none of your friends have grown these crops? Do you want to take the time to grow them yourself, and then hope that you’re lucky enough to find the Bushels required? If the answer to the second question is “no,” you can instead purchase the Bushels that you need using Farm Cash. Regardless of how many Bushels you need, the cost will be the same – 3 Farm Cash.

Additionally, since you may need to accumulate loads of each kind of Bushel, the total Bushel holding capacity has been raised from 50 to 100.

Won’t You Adopt the Lost White-tailed Buck?

A new lost animal is available to adopt in the game, and it comes in the form of a White-tailed Buck. As usual, you’ll come across the animal at random while playing the game, and can post your discovery to your wall in the form of a news item.

If your friends choose to adopt the Buck, they’ll be taken to a screen like the one below, asking them if they’d like to adopt the Buck for themselves.

As a reminder, finding a Buck on your own farm only allows your friends to adopt it – you don’t get to keep it yourself. To add a Buck to your own farm, you’ll need to hope a friend posts their own discovery to the news feed for you to adopt yourself.

Earn New Ribbons Via Crafting

In addition to earning “free” fuel with the Crafting Buildings, you’ll now also have a chance at unlocking one of three new Ribbons.

The Ribbons are fairly self-explanatory. The first level of the Crafting Ribbon is earned after crafting five Goods in your Crafting Building. The Super Salesman Yellow Ribbon is earned after selling five crafted Goods, and finally the Best Buy Yellow Ribbon is awarded (if you haven’t guessed already) for buying five crafted Goods from your friends.

As usual, there are four levels to each ribbon – Yellow, White, Red and Blue, and you’ll need to perform more and more instances of the three acts to unlock each.

New Permanent Crops: Chickpea and Heriloom Carrot

For those who are tired of growing the current selection of seeds in the game, you’ll be happy to know that two more options are now available. For users level 10 and up, you can grow the Chickpea. The Chickpea is available to plant for 80 coins per square, and it grows for 20 hours. When it’s ready to harvest, you’ll be able to earn 210 coins per square. You’ll earn 2 experience points for each square of the Chickpea that you plant, and you’ll earn the first star of Chickpea Mastery after 400 harvests.

Meanwhile, the Heirloom Carrot is available to plant for users level 57 and higher. It can be planted for 110 coins per square, and you’ll earn 1 experience point per square that you plant. After it grows for 12 hours, you can harvest it for a return of 210 coins per square. As a high level crop, you’ll need to grow quite a few of these carrots before you can expect to master it – in this case, the first star is earned after 1,400 harvests.

All of these updates are now live in game – make sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook to see them in action.

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