FarmVille Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Top Crops: How to Level Up and Earn More Coins

Fri, Mar 19, 2010

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Fellow and future farmers of Facebook, it is with great pleasure that I present the following list of FarmVille tips and tricks from Gamezebo’s game guide. If you’re looking for ways to earn more Farm Cash and Coins, level up more quickly, or just make the game more enjoyable, then read on!

Are there any great tips, tricks or strategies that aren’t included here? If so, let us know in the comments below.

FarmVille Strategies, Tips & Tricks

  • Farmville works on a 23 hour day so be sure to take this into consideration when calculating per hour values.
  • Before you begin playing the game it is a good idea to think about the amount of time you can devote to Farmville. If you can check on your crops multiple times throughout the day you will use a very different strategy than someone that can only check in once a day or once a week.
  • Do not purchase decorative items for your farm right away. Use all of your money to plant seeds and depending on how often you can check back you will want to do this for quite a while. If you really want decorative items right away ask your friends to gift it to you until you can safely afford it yourself.
  • Sell back gifts you don’t like for extra coins and store the ones you do want to keep on the outer perimeter of your farm saving as much land for planting crops as possible.
  • Expand your farm as soon as you can safely do so financially. When you reach the point you can afford to pay for a land size increase (expansion) and still have enough to plant 4 your current crop at least twice you are safe to expand your farm.
  • There are several ways to determine which crops are the most lucrative to plant in the game. To determine the profit per hour an item will give you take the amount earned at harvest and deduct the cost of the seed and 15 coins to cover the cost for prepping the land. Divide this number by the number of hours until the crop reaches maturity and this will give you the profit per hour of a particular crop. Compare these values to determine which crops are best for you to plant. (These values have been calculated for you in this guide. See Crops below.)
  • Consider the amount of XP (experience points) you will earn per planted plot of land. If you choose to plant crops that take a day or more to mature divide the harvest time by the number of XP to determine how many XP you can earn per day.
  • Having a large number of friends is the best way to do well in this game. While in the game click on the tab at the upper left that says, “My Neighbors” as you scroll down it will show you which friends are already your Farmville neighbor and which ones play the game but are not yet your neighbor. This menu shows what level each person is on and how many coins they have. Choose friends that are at least on level 5 or higher as they are actually playing the game. Some people may try it but decide not to play and they usually are at level 1 with no points. Choose each friend which is level 5 and over and it will send them an individual invitation that must be approved by the person you send it to. You can only invite a certain number of neighbors each day which can vary but usually it is around 20 or 30 per day.
  • Once you have several neighbors you can visit each one of them daily for extra experience points (XP) and coins. You will earn 20 coins and 5 XP for each neighbor you help out and 4 Coins and 1 XP for each plot of land you fertilize for them up to a maximum of 5 plots of land per day. You can only do this once per day per neighbor in a 23 hour day. (Potentially a maximum of 10XP and 40 Coins per Neighbor visit.)
  • You can also earn extra coins and XP by feeding your Neighbor’s Chickens that are in a Chicken Coop. This will earn you an additional 4 coins and 1 XP per day. This can only be done 1 x per day for a maximum of 20 Neighbors.
  • Harvest Time – The time it takes for a crop to mature is the amount of time you have to harvest it before it dies. For example, if an item takes 1 day to reach maturity once it actually reaches maturity you have 1 day to harvest it. Each crop has a varying maturity time so be sure to take note of it. If an item takes 4 hours to mature, once it reaches maturity you have 4 hours to harvest it.
  • NOTE – Do not purchase crops that have the shorter harvest times unless you are certain you will be there in time to harvest it. This is the most common mistake that loses money for players in the game.
  • Trees and animals do not die and do not have a harvest deadline or penalty so if you can’t check in frequently it may be a better strategy for you to have a farm dependent on animal and tree production.
  • Some players are so advanced in the game they no longer choose to plant flowers or vegetables. If you visit a neighbor with an elaborate farm you will be asked to help them out by clearing weeds or leaves or chasing away pests but if they have no fields to plant you will see a red circle around the bottle of fertilizer at the upper left corner of the screen. NOTE – You will also see this if there are no plots of land left to fertilize in an individuals farm.
  • Optional Strategy – Strawberries at first, then Soybeans, Peppers, Grapes and Peas are the crops that give you the most profit for your initial investment. These were the only crops I planted the entire time I played the game and I was able to become a millionaire in under 2 weeks without buying any extras or decor until I had earned my first 5,000 coins.
  • Soybeans are a great crop for people with limited time to play the game. They earn a high yield and give you nearly 2 days (maturity and recovery time) before you have to harvest them. As you progress in the game, Chili Peppers, Grapes and Peas are also excellent choices.
  • The crop in the game with the highest coin per hour yield (as of the publish date of this writing) is peas with 7.65 Coins earned/Hour.
  • The crop in the game with the lowest coin per hour yield (as of the publish date of this writing) is wheat with 0.94 coins earned /Hour.
  • Once you have a very large farm you may want to consider dividing it up into 3 large crops alternating crops that take several days to harvest so that you have at least 1 crop to harvest each day. This is ideal once you have at least 100,000 coins in reserve.
  • Beware of sites at that promise you large amounts of free Farmville cash for inviting friends to their site as many of these are scams owned by people trying to get personal information from you. There are links at the bottom of this guide with reputable sites to meet potential Farmville friends.

Tricks to Level up FastFarmVille

  • Hay Bale Purchase Trick - If you want to level up fast in the game one popular method is to purchase yellow hay bales for 100 coins each. You will earn 5 XP for every one you place and you do not have to give up crop space to do so as in other methods. After you place the hay bales and get your XPs you can sell back each hay bale for 5 coins each which is equal to 19 coins per XP.
  • Soybean Delete Method - In this method as soon as you harvest your Soybean crop immediately plant more soybean seeds then delete each plot, place new plots, and plant soybeans in them again. This is a lot of work and will cost you 30 Coins per plot (15 to plow and 15 for the soybean seed.) but will earn you 3 XP (1 XP for plowing expense and 2 XP for sowing expense) which comes out to 10 coins per 1 XP. After you finish this process replant the crops again and continue with the game.
  • These methods will cost a lot of coins but if you are waiting on purchasing buildings and decor you should have enough coins to try these methods if you wish.
  • Make sure you have enough cash reserve (At least 100,000 Coins) before you try these methods as if you run completely out of money you will have to start all over.

Trapping your Farmer to Gain TimeFarmVilleFarmVille

  • GREAT TIP - Your Farmer avatar will walk to any location you click on in the game. If you have a very large farm this can take a considerable amount of time for the farmer to walk to all the locations to harvest items. Each time you begin the game the avatar is always positioned in a specific area of the game board. Take note of this location and purchase at least 4 -6 bales of hay (100-125 Coins each) and surround your farmer avatar so he/she will not be able to walk. Anytime the farmer can not walk somewhere in the game due to a fence or structure the game will let you click on the area you want to harvest without your farmer having to walk there. Trapping the farmer is a great way to increase your speed in harvesting.

Top 10 Crops yielding Highest Hourly Profit

  • Hourly Profit calculated using 23 hours as 1 game day.
  • Calculated by dividing net profit with hours grown.
  • Look under “Crops” to learn the hourly rate earned for all other crops.
Type of Crop Coins earned per Hour
1. Peas 7.65
2. Asparagus 7.63
3. Onion 7.5
4. Grapes 7.39
5. Sugar Cane 7.38
6. Tomatoes 7.25
7. Sunflower 7.17
8. Green Tea 7.1
9. Lillies 6.9
10. Ghost Chili Peppers 6.83

For more FarmVille tips and tricks, check out the full walkthrough on Gamezebo.

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