FarmVille Sees the Release of Even More Lunar New Year Items

Thu, Feb 25, 2010

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One would think that with the apparent transition of FarmVille’s focus to items based on the 2010 Winter Olympics or the new California set of items that we would have seen the last mention of the Lunar New Year within the game until next year. Not so, as Zynga has released a duo of new items to the decorations tab of the marketplace that will help carry on the Chinese New Year celebration just a bit longer.

The Tiger Lantern and the Red Lantern are sure to set the right mood lighting for your ongoing holiday celebrations. Both are available for coins, with the Tiger Lantern being priced at 5,250 coins, and the Red Lantern at a very reasonable 700. Unlike some past coin items (the FarmVille Float from the Mardi Gras theme, for one), these items, unfortunately, can’t be sent to friends. Luckily, these items aren’t so costly that everyone can’t afford at least the Red Lantern for themselves.

In terms of experience points and resale value, purchasing the Tiger Lantern will earn you 52 experience points, and the item can be resold for 262 coins, whereas the Red Lantern rewards you with 7 experience points, and, if sold, will give you a 35 coin return.

For those that have a particular design in mind with these items, it should be noted that the Tiger Lantern can’t be rotated, while the Red Lantern can.

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