FarmVille Puppies Can Now Become Dogs

Thu, Apr 22, 2010

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Late last night, Zynga released a FarmVille game update that finally allows those puppies that you’ve been feeding to turn into adult dogs. Remember, the only puppies that will grow are those that have been well-fed (meaning, fed once a day, everyday, for 14 straight days).

Once they grow, you aren’t done feeding your dogs however, as you can now teach your dog tricks with the help of Dog Treats. Dog Treats can be purchased from the Animals page of the marketplace at a rate of 5 Farm Cash per 7 Dog Treats. You can also send and receive them  (individually) as gifts from the game’s free gifts page, just as you can Puppy Kibble.

A small ad at the bottom of the FarmVille gameplay area says that “adult dogs are able to perform fun tricks and actions that can help you out on the farm,” but we’ve yet to discover whether or not these “actions” (like the Terrier’s ability to help harvest rabbits, as an example) are triggered by the feeding of a treat, or are available by default. When we have more information to that end, we’ll be sure to share it with you.

Make sure you head over to your farm to see your little puppy grow into a full adult dog!

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